• IS Landslides 2024 (merging with IS Rock Slope Stability 2024)


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    Kyoto 1972, Tokyo 1977, New Delhi 1980, Toronto 1984, Lausanne 1988, Christchurch 1993, Trondheim 1996, Cardiff 2000, Rio de Janeiro 2004, Xi'an 2008, Banff 2012, Napoli 2016, Cartagena 2021,

    … Chambéry (Savoie, France) – July 7-12th, 2024 !
  • National context & Supporting institutions

    The symposium is supported by the following institutions, all being representative of the French community involved in slope engineering:
  • The CFMR (French Society for Rock Mechanics)
    Visit the website : https://www.cfmr-roches.org/

  • The CFMS (French Society for Soil Mechanics)
    Visit the website : https://www.cfms-sols.org/
  • The CFGI (French Society for Engineering Geology)
    Visit the website : http://www.cfgi-geologie.fr/
  • INDURA is a French regional cluster dedicated to innovation in the field of Civil Engineering, which aims to improve cooperation between the academic world and industry through collaborative projects. 
    Visit the website : http://www.indura.fr/
  • The French national project C2ROP, supported by IREX (Institute for applied research and experimentation in civil engineering) aims to build a coordinated toolchain (hazard – risk – protection), to bring out a repository of risk and its acceptable cost, organize and develop the community, to provide structured results from digital and experimental equipment tools, and finally position the French expertise internationally. This collaborative project will bring the products of research available to those who need them, especially the owners and infrastructure managers.
    This project was initiated in 2015, and is being renewed for 5 years (until end of 2025)
    Visit the websites : https://www.c2rop.fr/en/ and https://irex.asso.fr/
  • The USMB (Université Savoie Mont Blanc)
    Visit the website : https://www.univ-smb.fr/en/
  • The regional platform I-RISK, located in Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes, promotes the collaborative innovation in the analysis and mitigation of natural hazards, involving academic researchers and industrial partners.
    Standing as one of the main structuring actions facilitated by INDURA, a French cluster dedicated to
    infrastructures that serve the quality of life, I-RISK gathers many collaborators involved in mass-driven
    natural hazard mitigation.
    Visit the website : http://i-risk.fr/
  • It is worth noting that the French national project C2ROP has been in charge (with the support of IREX and INDURA institutions) of the International Symposium on Rock Slope Stability series since 2016 (Lyon, 2016 ; Chambéry, 2018; Chambéry, 2021).
    By merging RSS and ISL in 2024, more emphasis is put on the broad topic of slope instability, increasing therefore the impact of the forthcoming IS Landslides 2024.
  • This important point suggests that the French scientific community working in the field of slope stability is ready to welcome IS Landslides 2024, after the successful RSS 2016 and RSS 2018 events. It makes even more sense to merge IS Landslides 2024 and RSS 2024.

    IS RSS and IS Landslides communities are closely connected, however not identical. Thus, by merging the two events, we put more emphasis on the broad topic of slope instability, and therefore increase the impact of the forthcoming IS Landslides 2024. We do specify that this merging will run for the (2024) forthcoming event, and that the two series will continue separately afterwards (IS Landslides 2028 and IS RSS 2027)
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